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Mimecast is a cybersecurity provider that helps thousands of organizations worldwide make email profoundly safer, restoring trust and bolstering business resilience.

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Cyber Resilience for Email

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Providing comprehensive security controls, continuity and automated recovery – before, during and after an attack.

Organizations need to have cyber resilience for email strategy that is easy to manage, lowers costs and is effective at preventing attacks, minimizing disruptions, and recovering email.

Email is at the intersection of a massive amount of risk. As the number one business application that organizations depend on for communication, it’s also the number one attack vector for cyber criminals. Despite significant investments in your security defenses, attackers continue to infiltrate your organization through targeted and advanced techniques. Read our e-book, “Cyber Resilience Planning for Email.”

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Cyberattackers are continually evolving and adapting, and the risks increase every day.

Organizations can no longer rely on a defense-only strategy to keep them safe. They need a plan to keep email flowing in the event of an attack, and the ability to recover lost or locked data quickly after an attack.

The only way to get ahead of cybercriminals and to holistically protect your business is to adopt a new approach to email security. You need a multidimensional approach that brings together threat protection, adaptability, durability and recoverability in a single cloud-based service. You need to enable these four dimensions to truly provide cyber resilience for your email.

This paper – “Cyber Resilience for Email: Technical Deep Dive” – describes in detail how Mimecast delivers Cyber Resilience for your email.

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Email Security

The State of Email Security Report 2019

Knowing where to look and what to watch out for is half the battle. Download "The State of Email Security Report 2019" to understand the most pervasive types of email threats, how security professionals perceive them and what they’re doing to combat them. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with actionable steps to improve your organization’s email security and cyber resilience.

Gain valuable insight from 1,025 global IT decision makers on email-based attacks, cyber resilience, business continuity, awareness training and threat intelligence.

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The State of Email Security Report 2019

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Internal Security Threats

Careless users, compromised accounts, and malicious insiders are a few of the reasons organizations must expand their focus to examine threats from within.

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Phishing attackers cast a wide net in hopes of catching anyone, while spear-phishing attacks are highly targeted and customized for their intended victim. It’s crucial to protect all users as attackers aim to infiltrate your organization any way they can. Learn how you can prevent these types of attacks.

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Impersonation attacks, also known as business email compromise, CEO fraud, or whaling, are designed to trick key users, often in finance, into making wire transfers or other transactions by pretending to be the CEO, CFO, or even external organizations you may work with. Learn how to protect your organization against impersonation attacks.

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Ransomware attacks have become increasingly popular in recent years. 78% of organizations that experienced a ransomware attack over the past year report that downtime lasted for more than one day, with three days of downtime being the average*. Learn the 10 ways to protect your organization from Ransomware.

*Source: Mimecast’s State of Email Security 2018 Report

Mimecast Awareness Training

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Changing employee behavior. Reducing security risk. We solve your organization’s vulnerability to human error by combining effective, modern training techniques with predictive analytics.

We know that even your best employees are maddeningly careless and resistant to change. Their casual mistakes lead to disaster all the time — and the cost can be staggering.

To change security behavior effectively, employees have to know what to do, care enough to improve, and then do what’s right when it matters.

Learn how Mimecast can help.

Finally, Cyber Security Done Right

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Training That Sticks: Leveraging Humor & A Micro Learning Training Philosophy To Drive Real Change.

Mimecast Awareness Training delivers effective online security training to employees in roughly three minutes a month. Each monthly training module is anchored on a short video in the contemporary workplace and driven by characters your employees will recognize all too well.

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Risk Scores: Security Analytics That Help You Manage Your Cyber Risk.

Mimecast Awareness Training’s fully GDPR-compliant platform collects extensive data from employees and makes it actionable in powerful ways. In addition, it integrates all phishing training data - garnered from both phishing testing, the results from the phishing tutorial modules - into a holistic score assessing the risk.

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Phishing Training: One Part Tutorial + One Part Testing

With Mimecast Awareness Training, phishing tests are fully integrated into the platform for managing all human error risk. The data influences our ranking and scoring of security-related human error for every individual, every department, and the enterprise as a whole.

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A Virtuous Cycle

Our advanced risk scoring uncovers problems that cut across multiple issues and behaviors, enabling you to be proactive about mitigation. And our clean, easily-integrated data improves security analytics throughout the business, continually adding value to security systems you have already invested in.

Archive, e-Discovery & Compliance

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Your Success Is Our Success: The Archiving Triple Crown

Customer success in archiving has produced fruitful results for all. Read the following blog to learn about the leaders in the latest archiving analyst reports from Gartner, Forrester Wave, and the Radicati Group Inc. so you can make an informed decision on how to approach your organization’s archiving needs.

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e-Discovery & Compliance In The Cloud

As companies look to archive to the cloud, Mimecast Cloud Archive provides the industry’s most comprehensive suite of fully integrated capabilities for retention, encryption, discovery and data recovery for complete litigation readiness and compliance control.

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Email Backup & Recovery

Too often, customers are unaware of their data recovery gaps and assume they are covered for all types of data loss or corruption. Mimecast Sync & Recover for Exchange offers true protection and recovery that enhances the end-user experience and provides enhanced security from malicious attacks.

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GDPR Compliance for Email

Regardless of your organization’s physical location, you must be in GDPR compliance for EU resident personal data—or face dire consequences. Mimecast offers a complete set of solutions that help reduce risk and simplify GDPR compliance. Learn what specific measures you need to take to comply with GDPR and more.

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