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Transform parallel code–from enterprise to AI-with new Intel® Parallel Studio XE

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Intel® Parallel Studio XE boosts application performance from enterprise to cloud, and HPC to AI, and empowers developers to deliver fast, scalable, reliable parallel code with less effort.

Partnership with SHI

SHI and Intel® have partnered to help solve critical problems in software applications that are used across science, industry, commerce, and the cloud that can always use more performance and faster processing through parallelism. More cores, more and wider SIMD registers, and competitive features and functions are continuously being integrated into the latest Intel® Xeon® and Xeon® Phi processors. Contact SHI 

Parallel Studio XE

Code that Outperforms

Develop high performance parallel code–from enterprise to cloud, and HPC to AI with Intel® Parallel Studio XE. This comprehensive tool suite simplifies the creation and modernization of code, and accelerates workloads with the latest techniques in vectorization, multi-threading, multi-node, and memory optimization. It combines industry-leading compilers, numerical libraries, performance profilers, and code analyzers so developers—C, C++, Fortran and Python*—can confidently optimize software delivering high performance, scalable code on today’s and future Intel® platforms. Three editions are available to meet your needs.

Take Advantage of Priority Support

Get the most from your code on Intel® hardware. Overcome performance bottlenecks or development challenges when you are stuck. Connect direct with Intel® engineers for quick answers to technical questions. Submit samples. Get access to previous release versions. Each software purchase includes Priority Support for at least one year from the date of purchase, which can be extended at a reduced rate. It includes:

  • Direct, private access to Intel® engineers for quick answers to technical questions.
  • Responsive help with your technical questions and other product needs for both new and older versions.
  • Free access to new product updates and access to/support for older versions.
  • Community product forums with experts covering all of Intel® Software Development Products.
  • Access to a vast library of self-help documents that build off decades of experience creating high-performance code.
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