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The price is right: Does the cost of Mac in the workplace add up?When considering deploying Mac at scale in an organization, the first question asked usually echoes across every department: Is it worth the cost?
Innovation Heroes: GenAI myths, mistakes, and methods for successLessons from industry leaders on how to implement generative AI in the enterprise
Hispanic Heritage Month: How your STEM program’s tech is secretly shaping your tomorrowAddress Latinx underrepresentation in STEM by investing in innovative solutions.
Want to give customers the best experience? Take an omnichannel approachOmnichannel customer experiences unlock unified visibility, seamless channel switching, reduced customer frustration, and more.
Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience for CSP update: What you need to knowSHI’s Microsoft experts can help navigate the latest licensing changes
2,800 businesses and counting: How SHI’s Supplier Diversity Program makes a differenceSHI’s internationally recognized Supplier Diversity Program helps our core values reach new heights.
AI and low-code unite in SHI’s AI and Power Platform labUnleash innovation and stay ahead of the curve
Innovation Heroes: Public sector CIOs are using tech to modernize AmericaCounty IT professionals have become the unseen champions of public sector innovation
Increase your business’ efficiency with Microsoft Power PlatformSHI’s “Solve what’s next” webinar series powers on with a solution to solve your business challenges.
Federal agencies need to maximize the value of IT. SHI Federal can helpYour agency – and your constituents – deserve the very best in IT procurement.
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